Air Coolers in Pakistan - Are they better than ACs?

Air Coolers in Pakistan

Good Enough To Beat The Heat This Summer?

Summers without an air conditioner can leave you with a horrible sweaty experience. Not to forget that huge electricity bill, that you have to pay, every month, bites a huge chunk out of your paycheck! Hence the conclusion: Brand New AIR COOLERS in Pakistan heat!

Summer – Sweaty Experience = An Air Conditioner OR An Air Cooler

An air conditioner can end up causing a fortune and so can the electricity bill that comes after.

This is where Air Coolers jump into our rescue. But the real question here arises! Can They Really Be Our Saviours During The Dry Hot Days Of The Summer?

Air Coolers in Pakistan - Are they better than ACs?


Here are some pointers on why Air Coolers are better:

  • Require no installation
  • Eco-friendly than the Air conditioners
  • Air Coolers deliver fresh air in the surrounding
  • Friendly For Asthma Patients
  • Ample oxygen In The Air
  • Inexpensive as compared to the Air conditioners


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