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A new season means new fashion to follow, whether it’s for men, women or kids. Everyone needs that little spark of a trend in their life.  So, we decided to write about the best male clothing brands that you need to fill your wardrobe with!

Unlike women, men only need a few staple items to make it through the season, scratch that, make it through the year. Now, here’s the ultimate list of the top 10 male clothing brands to revamp your wardrobe for the coming season.

The Best Male Clothing Brands to Have in Your Wardrobe - The Top 10!


#10- Khaadi

Our first pick for eastern wear is Khaadi for its great quality, whether it is a stitched kurta or unstitched suit. Khaadi carries a wide range of men’s luxury wear.

#9- Junaid Jamshed

J. is the place to get your eastern wear. The brand is pocket-friendly and works with nothing but high-quality fabric.

#8- Alkaram

Breathable fabric and top- quality items. Kurta’s and suits, ranging between Rs. 2000-4000!

#7- Stoneage

The much-used wardrobe staple is a plain T-shirt. black, white or grey. Stoneage carries great quality under Rs. 1500

#6- Outfitters

The brand is trendy,  fashionable and ultra-affordable.  Shirts or t-shirts are your picks.

#5- Diners

Diners started as a men’s wear brand and have made a reputation since then. Best collection of men’s shorts,  cargos or shirts.

#4- Breakout

Jeans, shoes, shorts,  sweaters and what not! Breakout is a must brand because of its unique cuts and trendy designs.

#3- Cotton and Cotton

Formal shirts? Cotton and cotton is your friend. Soft, comfortable and made with 100% cotton only.

#2- FHS

Whether it is men formal wear or men’s casual wear,  FHS is a luxury men’s brand. They also hold the best leather shoes for men. In all unique styles.

#1- Levi’s

Best. Jeans. Ever.

Levis is your stop for all your denim needs.

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The Best Male Clothing Brands to Have in Your Wardrobe - The Top 10!

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