Top 11 Best Brands For Men

Shopping for men’s shoes brands? Comfort, fit and style are usually the things you search for when shopping for shoes. Don’t just settle for anything. it’s important to know what you want. It’s an old saying that,

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a fabulous pair of shoes.

Step up your shoe game.  Here is our list of the best brands be it casuals, formals or sports.



Being an international company Nike is a well-reputed company in Pakistan.  they say a good shoe is a lightweight shoe. Nike is that and style. known for their sports shoes. The price ranges from Rs. 7000 – 12000. 



Skechers is a USA  based brand aimed at providing the best and most comfortable footwear for men. they carry a variety of men’s casual shoes, boots, casual dress shoes, men’s sneakers, and sandals. Ranging between Rs.  4500 and 7500, The shoes are worth the hype.



What started as a brand for jeans has very quickly made a name for itself in the men foot fashion too.  Based on traditional cuts but ultra fashionable design levis is one of the luxury men’s shoe brands falling between Rs. 5000- 8000. 



The luxury hand-made shoes are a unique combination of chic and vintage patterns. The stores carrying a wide array of loafers, formal shoes and casual shoes.  Ranging from 4000-8000.



The luxury brand is dedicated to high-quality, shoes. If hand made pure leather shoes are what you prefer. FHs should be your number 1 stop. Shoes ranging between 5000-12000.



The brand is all about affordability and comfort along with quality. The shoe prices range from 1999- 5000.



We all know about the great superstars by Adidas. Fashionable, trendy and most of all comfortable. Addidas is a must-have brand on your shoe rack.  Price ranging from 3000- 8000.



The brand, best known for the vast collection of their men shoe collection, be it formal shoes, Moccs or tradition men footwear.  Using only high-quality material the shoes range between Rs. 2000 – 6000 


The shoemaker is known for its custom made dress shoes for men, shoemakers is a dedicated shoe brand aiming to sell only hand-made shoes. The timeless designs and premium quality material is exactly why shoemaker is one of the best to buy from. Price ranging from Rs. 8,000 – Rs. 18, 000 it is worth every Penny.


The high-end footwear brand is best known for its leather goods. Bags, belts and best for their leather shoes. With impeccable craftsmanship and Top-grade leather. selling a wide variety of sneakers, sandals and dress shoes Pedro shoes  ranging between 12000 – 25000 

Crockett & Jones – England

The brand is dedicated to crafting only the best of leather footwear since 1879. Known for being the pioneer of the world’s finest shoes. The price ranges from 4500 – 440 pounds.


As the saying goes, you are what you wear. Next time you go shoe shopping, explore your options and make the wise decision for your feet.

Your shoes need your love too.

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