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What is more exciting than having eliminated all those repeated visits to your darzis (tailoring), explaining your fit requirements multiple times, and spending most of your energy getting your clothes as you want? Wait a minute, if you’re thinking this is some blog telling you about one or another designer brand, I’d say this is much more than that!

Let’s read ahead to see what’s it all about. We are all aware of the fact that the only alternative of not going to your tailor is buying ready to wear (RTW) clothes from a designer brand. But has that ever satisfied you like your tailor does, by tailoring according to your size and requirements (or at least he claims to do so)? I guess not. The thing is there is nothing better than having a tailor, who is a perfectionist when it comes to bespoke tailoring, and delivers ninety percent of what is asked. You either have to find someone who has spent decades doing tailoring, or reach expensive tailoring brands to get what you want. Even then, you have to convince yourself to feel satisfied for what you got from your tailor.

Getting your clothes stitched has never been easy!

This is a universal problem in eastern clothing, because no matter how amazing your suit piece is, and how expensive you’ve gotten it for, the tailors are always ready to spoil it for you. I believe it’s not their fault completely. The growing demand of tailor made clothing in eastern women’s fashion has reached to a level where it’s beaten the actual supply (tailoring services) of the product. People who are amateurs in the tailoring field are learning short courses, and have started serving the tailoring needs of women. Now when the demand is flooded, suppliers are increasing making it a tedious task to find out professionals of bespoke. Result, most of the women find their clothes in wrong hands. Tailors don’t give proper time to each suit, and so things start to become ugly.

The factor of convenience has always been missing when it comes to tailoring women’s clothing. Visiting your tailor again and again is probably not liked by many, but it’s a must job. Time’s precious to everyone, and if your tailor is a pain, that is a serious problem, don’t you think? What if we tell you that you can have your valuable, expensive, and dearly liked un-stitched suit pieces stitched, in accordance with your specific size and fitting, and also have it delivered at your door step, within a period of 7-9 days? Sounds impossible, right?

Fact of the Day: Nothing’s impossible with MyGerrys.com

Stitched to your size, delivered at your doorstep!

For all the ladies who just can’t seem to figure out how to deal with these tailors and get everything right within the promised time, here’s what can be the best news of 2018 so far! MyGerrys now initiates Stitch with MyDarzi, through which you can order un-stitched clothes from myGerrys.com and get them stitched according to your size, possible just by making a few clicks while sitting on your couch. And of course, we’ll deliver it to you in RTW form, within a period of 7-9 days. How simple is that, right? We have found a lot of women who don’t fancy their tailors, so we’ve brought you a service where you don’t have to meet the tailor, don’t have to explain him, don’t really have to repeat one thing like a million times, and what not? In simple terms, life’s been made easy by myGerrys.com. Read ahead to know more about how you can order, sit back and relax, while we get to work and deliver you the desired clothes stitched to fit you.

How does it work?

You can find this option as a checkbox above ‘buy now’ tab on the product page of any unstitched article found under the category of Women’s Unstitched Fabric.

Stitch with myDarzi - The Best Tailoring Online Solution Available

Upon clicking the checkbox, a pop-up appears informing you about the available payment methods (View image below for reference). This option is only available for prepaid payment methods i.e. Credit/Debit cards, EasyPaisa, Jazz Cash or Keenu. As this is just a beginning to a more convenient approach of serving our customer in different ways, we have kept it limited to prepaid payment methods only. As soon as it starts getting accepted by our audience, we’ll bring it to cash on delivery!

Stitch with myDarzi - The Best Tailoring Online Solution Available

Size Guide

Once you’ve closed the payment alert pop-up, our preset sizes will appear right below the checkbox, where you can easily select a size most suitable to you. A total of six sizes will appear, size chart for which is also available on the same screen. View image below for reference.

Stitch with myDarzi - The Best Tailoring Online Solution Available

You can see the sixth option is custom size, which means if you don’t feel any of our preset sizes fit you, you can click custom sizes. Upon selecting this option, an automated email would be sent to the user, upon order verification, requesting for their custom measurements depending upon the type of suit ordered (1-piece, 2-piece or 3-piece).

Stitch with myDarzi - The Best Tailoring Online Solution Available

Stitching Charges

Stitch with myDarzi - The Best Tailoring Online Solution Available

Separate charges for stitching will be updated besides the product price (View image above for reference).  The charges will again depend upon the type of suit ordered (1-piece, 2-piece or 3-piece).


You all know how to put the selected product in your cart. Just press Buy Now button once you have selected the size and everything, and your cart is updated. When you go to checkout, as mentioned earlier in the blog, you will only be given prepayment methods if you have opted for Stitch with myDarzi option. If your cart contains a product with Stitch with myDarzi option selected, you won’t see Cash on Delivery and Swipe on Delivery on your checkout screen. You do this, and your suit will arrive as wanted with a period of 7-9 days! That’s a myGerrys promise!

To your surprise, or not, myGerrys is the first platform offering a service where you can not only buy un-stitched clothes, but also get it stitched to size and have it delivered across Pakistan. We believe in providing as much benefit to our customers as possible by using E-Commerce in a way that brings convenience home.

Visit us here to know more about Stitch with myDarzi.

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