The most awaited time of the year for shopaholics is here again. Black Friday is right around the corner.

What is Black Friday?

It’s basically a day after Thanksgiving. It originated from 1952 in America (yes, decades ago)s. It’s practiced as the busiest shopping day and week of the year.  It’s really big abroad and has been trending for a couple of years here in Pakistan. Black Friday has insane discounts on almost every product you can think of. And you must have seen all over social media how people go insane pre-black Friday. They start camping outside retail stores, create the most terrifying scenarios such as stampedes. So why go to retail stores at all? When you can shop online?

Why shop online?

Shopping online saves a lot of time and money. It’s spot on for people who don’t find the time to shop at physical stores. People want to avoid the hassle of going to an actual mall and comparing prices shop to shop. Shopping with the comfort of being home, laying on your couch or bed is way much more feasible and effortless as you can browse more products and compare prices easily. The only drawback of shopping online is when huge campaigns such as Black Friday are going on one has to be vigilant to gain the most out of the flash sales, ordering stuff before it runs out of stock and to avail the discounts before they conclude.

Our Black Friday Campaign is starting this Friday. Pick up doorbuster deals and discounts of up to 85 % off from the comfort of shopping from home and avoiding all the haphazard of going to a mall. MyGerrys has a huge assortment of products for all sorts of categories (home décor to fashion, tech gadgets, electronics and much more). MyGerrys has better discounts and deals than most.

Unlike other online stores, we don’t inflate our prices or have *hidden costs*. We don’t think our customers are slow-witted nor want to deceive them in any way. We are true to our customers and they have always been our topmost priority. You can expect the least expected deals if you stay tuned for our flash sales. We have a lot of payment options to choose from and promise a prompt safe delivery for the goods you purchase.

How to get more benefits out of our Black Friday Campaign?

Subscribe to our website and follow our Facebook event page. For details of flash sales and sneak peaks of our pre-black Friday sales. Silk bank is our official partner for black Friday. So, if you order through silk bank you get additional discounts.

We are officially launching our Black Friday sale on 10th November 2017. Happy shopping folks 🙂

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