Which Childhood Live-Action Movie Is Coming To The Theaters Next?

Disney is determined to take us on a nostalgia run and they aren’t planning to slow down any time soon. With so many favorite childhood live-action movies coming back this year, The 90’s kids are practically broke because of all the theater tickets they have to buy.

You have seen Cinderella and you have been in love with The Beauty and Beast. You have wept with the little Simba and cheered for Dumbo. Sang along to Bear necessities’ and got A Genie to grant wishes too.

What next? Ready or not, its a dive in the deep blues. Yes!! you guessed it, and if you still haven’t which is highly unlikely, your favorite childhood live action coming to the big screen is none other than “THE LITTLE MERMAID“!!!!

Our only and favorite mermaid movie, Ariel, is in the making and here is all that we know so far.


The Live-Action Of  “The Little Mermaid”.

Even though there isn’t any confirmed news, but for now, what we know is the Halle Bailey will be playing the little mermaid, with many standing against the choice, the majority found her to be a perfect fit for the role. A not so happy co-star Lindsey Lohan was also seen to be not fond of the decision and was originally hoping to land the character role herself.

Favorite Childhood Live-Action Movies Hitting The Theaters SOON!


The magnificent Terry Crew has been rumored to play Ariel’s father, The King Triton, a.k.a., The King of The Sea, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Who isn’t aware of his iconic and brilliant acting in the ongoing sitcom “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”!

Favorite Childhood Live-Action Movies Hitting The Theaters SOON!


While it isn’t 100%, The ever so talented, Melissa McCarthy, and former co-star from Gilmore Girls, is in talks to play Ursula and we don’t think there is anyone who could do it better than her.

Favorite Childhood Live-Action Movies Hitting The Theaters SOON!


The question still stands, who will be playing the prince? Unfortunately, no casting has been finalized for the prince as of yet.

After the unsuccessful remake of the Little Mermaid by Netflix, people are already head over heels ever since Disney announced the remake of the little mermaid, featuring all their childhood songs.

In that case, the live action of Little Mermaid will feature some of the original tracks from the movie like ‘Under The Sea’, ‘Part Of Your World‘ and ‘Kiss A Girl’. 

Sadly, there has been no fix release date of the movie and we will just have to wait for it.

What you won’t have to wait for is a trip into the heart of China. Yes!! We are talking about Mulan and, the movie showcasing on the theater screens sooner than the little mermaid.


Here’s what we know about it.


Mulan Coming Back To Life In Theaters.

Unlike the little mermaid, The official trailer was released on Sunday, the 7th of July 2019. Even though the movie has been in the making since 2010, the original work started back in February of 2017.

When people got to know about the making of a live-action of the movie, Mulan. An online petition emerged that said the people wanted a whitewash Mulan and hence, the casting took longer than anticipated prior to the making.

Finally, the movie is set to release on the 20th of March 2020.

Here is what the final cast of the Mulan movie looks like:

The film casts Liu Yifei as Hua Mulan: the daughter of Hua Zhou.

Favorite Childhood Live-Action Movies Hitting The Theaters SOON!


Donnie Yen as the Commander.

Favorite Childhood Live-Action Movies Hitting The Theaters SOON!

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Here is the Official Trailer

So, which one of these childhood live-action movies are you the most excited about watching? Be sure to leave your reviews about what you think, in the comments below!


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