Pride Of Pakistan

Pride Of Pakistan

– Fragrances From WB by Hemani –

This independence day, treat yourself to something more than just national flags and badges. Indulge and take yourself on a sensory journey around Pakistan with the newest upcoming perfume range ” Pride of Pakistan”!

Celebrate independence day with the full spirit of patriotism alongside WB By Hemani!

Mera Watan - Meri Pehchan | Fragrances Of Pakistan

What’s so exciting about ‘THE PRIDE OF PAKISTAN’?

The Wasim Badami line by Hemani has been the talk of the town for it’s organic and all-natural makeup since it launched. Carrying only halal and high-quality products the brand is own for being the best of its kind.

Mera Watan - Meri Pehchan | Fragrances Of Pakistan

Via: Wb by Hemani

Unlike many, the Pakistani brand brings forward, out of the box, product for their customers. Since the launch of their fragrance line, Hemani has gained even more popular among the masses.

So what is The Pride Of Pakistan?

Set to launch soon, the pride of Pakistan is the collection of scents and musk from all around the country. Storing a little part of each city inside a bottle, each puff is an exceptional sensory journey.

From earthy musk of the desserts of Balochistan to the floral gardens of Punjab each bottle is a unique trip.

Perfected and put together by professional perfumers and obviously Halal, each bottle is designed to showcase and capture the true essence of each city.

Here is a sneak peek of what to expect at the grand launch of THE PRIDE OF PAKISTAN 

Waiting as eagerly as other? Stay tuned to have the first look of the one of a kind fragrance line by WB by Hemani.

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