Kids In Ruin - Is Kids Fashion The Cause?

Kids Fashion Is Ruining The Young Generation of Today – True or Not?

For most of us, following the latest fashion trends is what really matters. And this trend of “kids fashion” is slowly being followed by the younger generation of today. Hence, the question arises, Should our kids be following these fashion trends as religiously as adults?

It’s sad that we are witnessing today’s young generation falling deep into the pits of fashion trends. But is the term “fashion” really to be blamed for that?

I believe, fashion isn’t what’s ruining the kids of today!

Kids In Ruin - Is Kids Fashion The Cause?

There are many factors that may cause a child to follow this worldly trend at a young age. Here are some of the factors that might provoke the habit.


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Influences That May Trigger A Child To Follow The Fashion World Religiously

  • Peer Pressure
  • Environment Surrounding The Child
  • Unhealthy Exposure To The Social Media
  • A Bad Celebrity Influence
  • Desire To Be Accepted By The People


It’s not too late! You can still turn things around!

Alternatively, if it bothers you that your kid is too influenced by fashion then we do have solutions for that!

Problems and Their Solutions!
  • Have a friendly relationship with your child so that they understand you
  • Keep a close eye at the circle your child has
  • Make sure to appreciate your child for what he/she is – THIS IS IMPORTANT!
  • Treat such issues, with love – DON’T be harsh with them!


Do you agree with us? Or do you have any pointers to counter? If you’ve got any, we’ll love to hear from you in the comments below?

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