How to spot low quality shoes?

A Guide To Shoe Shopping Like A Pro!

Shopping for shoes – Finding out its bad qualities – returning the shoe – failing to return. It’s a complete circle. We have all been there. where we are stuck with a shoe that we can’t wear or get rid of, because it’s a low-quality shoe.


There is no such thing as too many shoes 


DON'T BE SCAMMED - Learn How To Spot Low Quality Shoes!

Men or women, we all love shoes and spend thousands on shoes but being scammed with a cheap shoe is something no one wants.

Don’t be fooled. Follow our guide to spotting a low-quality shoe when you go shoe shopping next time.


Tip 5

“What matters is what’s on the inside” Well, it applies for shoes too. Check the inside for these three things.

  • What is the welt made of? 

If it is made of anything, other than leather, step away.

  • What is the Filler layer made of? 

If it is made of felt and, or cork. the shoe is good quality. check for the weight of the shoe to examine this.

  • Are there any exposed stitches? 

An exposed stitch speaks volumes about the craftsmanship of the shoe, A inadequate handiwork means poor quality.


Tip 4

The inside does matter, but it is also important to check the outside. Push in the shoe in order to reveal the seam. a glued seam is nowhere near as sturdy as a stitched seam.


Tip 3

Buying a pair of leather shoes? Click here to read about your shopping do’s and don’ts when shopping for a pair of leather shoes.


Tip 2

Buy from a brand. When you buy from a store that is dedicated to manufacturing shoes, you are paying a little extra cash for a thorough check and examination of each individual shoe. And the added bonus is, you end up owning a great pair of shoes!


Tip 1

Check the sole. A good quality shoe will have a good quality sole. Moreover how the sole is attached to the shoe also matters.  Whether it is stitched or glued. With time a glued shoe will fall apart, whereas a stitched one will last longer.


A thin sole is less sturdy and will not last longer than a shoe with a thick sole.


A good shoe can last you years. Avoid poor quality shoes when you go shopping next time. A bad pair of shoes is not only money wasted but time too. Steer clear of scammers, train your eye to spot a low-quality shoe.  They do say:

Give them a great pair of shoe and there is nothing one can’t do 


So bookmark this article and we hope the next time you go shoe shopping, you’ll keep these tips in mind! Do you have more tips?

Let us know in the comments below.

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