MyGerrys Global – Shop from USA and Ship to Pakistan!

MYGERRYS GLOBALWith myGerrys Global, you can now order from an online store within the USA

And have your items shipped to your Doorstep within 7 to 10 days!

 With the most competitive price 8$ per Pound!


MyGerrys global provides an easy to use service in order to receive products from USA to Pakistan.

  • Firstly by going on to MyGerrys global link user can register with the website and generate an account with MyGerrys where user will be provided with a unique id as well as shipping address. For example if purchases are to be made from Amazon, registration has to be done with MyGerrys first which is where the MyGerrys global shipping address newly generated by MyGerrys will be provided.
  • User can then decide what to purchase from the website, add to cart and then checkout by entering the Unique id and shipping address provided by MyGerrys.
  • Then by tracking ID on Amazon website duration of time for the purchases can be seen when they will be received at the shipping address provided.
  • After receiving the order at the shipping address journey of the goods bought can then be ascertained from USA to Pakistan.
  • FedEx will process the order along with additional shipping charges. Then tracking of the product can be done on MyGerrys global page to see when the order will reach Pakistan.
  • The order will then be shown on MyGerry’s global page and estimated shipping cost to Pakistan will be shown.
  • Duration of delivery can then be seen on MyGerrys global page.

After the shipment is received, All of the order’s history and the process can be seen on MyGerrys homepage. This order will be completed by MyGerrys shipping partner FedEx.

For further details have a look at the bit by bit instructional video below