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With Ramadan sales going on everywhere in 2019, all the products are at their lowest prices.  Be it a perfume you have been eyeing or an eid dress you have your heart set on. Let’s be honest, with the amount of footfall in a mall every day it’s not only hard but nearly impossible to shop for anything. So how to tell which store has the best Ramadan Sale this year?

The mall is a no-go, so, online shopping is your solace.

As the month of Ramadan comes to an end people rush to malls to shop the best and LATEST EID COLLECTION out there.

Best Ramadan Sale 2019 - Discounts UPTO 50% OFF | MyGerrys

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Say your farewell to that hassle. MYGERYYS brings you an early Ramadan sale so you can shop all your favorite item from your preferred brands with ease.

No more long queue to the checkout and no one pushing you from behind.

With Discounts UP TO 50% on your best-loved shop,  Lay back relax and shop online from your home on mygerrys.com.


If the impeccable design and ultra soft fabrication are what you seek, Tarzz is the way to go. With the wide range of modern cuts, choice of trendy hues and shades and the attention to embellished details.

Best Ramadan Sale 2019 - Discounts UPTO 50% OFF | MyGerrys

Tarzz is bound to make your Eid jolly.  Don’t go rushing to the store. Log on to MYGERRYS.com and Shop Tarzz at up to 50% Off. You can buy just a shirt or a 3 piece dress all in half the price.

Click here to view the Tarzz Ramadan Sale!

Take a Look at the EID COLLECTION from SYRIZA!

If you didn’t find what you were looking for yet. Chances are you are about to be blown away with what we have in store for you. Starting from JUST 1400rs. Syriza is sure to make your eid colorful!

Best Ramadan Sale 2019 - Discounts UPTO 50% OFF | MyGerrys

Shop online in Pakistan for the most fashionable floral and edgy prints. 

The cherry on top is that you can shop these dresses online from MyGerrys. Click here to see the full collection.


This Ramazan, don’t just crave a fresh and glowing skin. Order from the dynamic array of organically made products from Hemani with up to 25% OFF and give your skin the treatment that it deserves. Hemani is one of the most popular yet effective beauty brands in Pakistan.

Whether you are looking for the right shade of foundation for you eid look or searching for an effective face mask to pamper before.  Hemani is your friend. With every ingredient hand-picked from nature itself.

Best Ramadan Sale 2019 - Discounts UPTO 50% OFF | MyGerrys

Buy Lotions for women or the intense perfumes for men Hemani is the ultimate stop. ( take a look, at the dynamic range of Hemani here)


When you shop Ignite online from MyGerrys.com you don’t only get to make your selection from the full range they provide but you also get UP TO 40% OFF!

Best Ramadan Sale 2019 - Discounts UPTO 50% OFF | MyGerrys

Now shop for pants, shirts, tees or shorts all on prices so low you won’t be able to say no. Head on and fill that cart up.

If we were you we would rush to this season’s Hot and Happening Ramadan Sale!


We have a lot of things going on our newly re-designed website!

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