Black Friday Sale on brands in Pakistan

The Biggest Sale on Brands in Pakistan for Black Friday 2018

Wondering about the Biggest Sale on Brands in Pakistan? The kind of SALE you’ve never seen, the kind that’ll spread smiles, All Across Pakistan?! If the answer is YES! then you don’t need to worry about spending your hard-earned money because MyGerrys is your One-Stop Solution!

MyGerrys has everything Under One Roof, from Mega-Discounts to the Biggest Sale on Brands in Pakistan! Confused about what brands to buy and where to get them from? So are you still wondering about what’s on Sale this Black Friday? Let’s talk about what we’re bringing in the Biggest Sale on Brands in Pakistan for Black Friday 2018.


MyGerrys has a wide variety of brands to offer from. We could spend a whole day just listing down our numerous brands, across all our major, famous and most-wanted categories!

The choices are endless, but, just to give you an overview of what to expect from this year’s sale.


Some of our Top-Rated Categories which will feature sales on brands in Pakistan are:

  • Mobile Phones,
  • Mobile Accessories and Gadgets,
  • Fashion (Men, Women, and Kids),
  • Home Appliances,
  • Electronics,
  • Cosmetics, and
  • Home & Living!


We’ll name some of the most-wanted brands in Pakistan to shop Brand-wise, easily. Just look at the relevant category.

Brands in the Fashion Category:

Ego, Tarzz, Aybeez, Oxford, Wear IT, Alkaram, and many others.

Brands in the Cosmetics Category:

MAC, Revlon, Maybelline, Urban Decay, Loreal, O.P.I, Oriflame, and many others.

Brands in the Mobile Category:

Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Motorola, QMobile and many more.

Brands in the Appliances Category:

Westpoint, black and decker, Anex, Haier, EcoStar, and many more.

Need Accessories?

For Fashion Accessories, Check out Five Stars and Company or even Kenneth Cole! They’ve got the Best Jewellery and Watches! 

Shop for Kids Toys with Planer X, Baby Accessories from 3Doodler, Ayesha Traders or Archertees. We’ve got the best accessories for you and your baby.


The trend of Online Shopping in Pakistan is at its peak! People are becoming more and more brand-conscious and don’t get us wrong, that’s a GOOD THING! Because, if you are going to empty your pockets, might as well get the best that money can buy, isn’t that right?


To cater to your brand needs, MyGerrys Grand Friday is offering UP TO 85% DISCOUNT ON ALL THE BRANDS WE HAVE TO OFFER! That includes each and every brand you have ever heard, seen or come across while browsing the internet.

We’re going to provide the biggest sale on brands in Pakistan and that is not just for the Black Friday 2018! Our aim is to take you higher, to make you happy and offer better than any other!


The love for brands in Pakistan is at an all-time high. People rush to stores and rush to websites whenever there is a sale on brands in Pakistan or any other country. So, enjoy the Biggest Sale On Brands in Pakistan by MyGerrys and get Mega Discounts on your Favorite Brands.

We’re leaving No Brands Behind and they’ll ALL be on Sale this Black Friday 2018! Just log on to and Place Your Order NOW!

Oh, and Happy Shopping from All Of Us at MyGerrys!

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