samsung galaxy grand prime pro

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro: It’s all about Experience

With the changing pace and growing need of technology, tech giants are gearing up at full throttle to give consumers as many choices as possible. A couple of decades ago, who could have ever imagined that the rise in technology will be the answer to most people’s convenience, mobility, connectivity, information and endless joy? Today, we’re surrounded by a number of brands bombarding multi-functional smart phones, with little or much tweaking in the models, changing the functionality, usage and experience for consumers. The products are smartly bifurcated in accordance with consumer preferences in different segments, and there is probably an answer to each need recognized. And the best example is Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro.

Samsung, among many other giants fighting to win customers’ trust and loyalty, is trying hard to stay on the top of customers’ priority ladder. With a number of new-in smart phones every year, Samsung wants to communicate its power to understand customer better than any other brand. Fact of the matter: Samsung has really impressed a huge percentage of smart phone users across the world, with its wide range of SKU’s, brought to attention for expanding customer needs.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro

Why are you reading this? To get to know more about Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro, right? Then let’s take you to a thorough guide to how it fits your needs, and why opting for it is a smart option. Yet another piece of brilliance, Grand Prime Pro is the new way of going heavy on technology, and light on your pockets. It’s not a high-end model, asking for your year’s savings to be spent to get its swag. The best part: it gets you everything under a price you won’t mind paying for such a piece. (For best prices, check out

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro: It’s all about Experience

                                                                                                       Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro

Miniature Cinema!

Starting with the basics, it comes with a processor of 1.4GHz, Quad-Core which is enough for someone who wants entertainment, seamless usage of software, and swift response to the actions of user. Think about it, what is that one thing that helps you judge (do not take this word in a negative sense) what kind of phone a person is holding? I would say aesthetics. Grand Prime Pro offers a grand 5 inch Super Amoled screen providing an experience to live. Since the need of large display has emerged now more than ever, Samsung will not disappoint its customers, providing them an exhilarating ride of entertainment. Not only size of the screen, Grand Prime Pro also delivers the most realistic view of colors, capturing nature in its true form. The RGB reproduction brings out a display that is true to life, letting videos, pictures and graphics create the impact they’re meant to. And just by the way, who doesn’t want a theatrical experience that can be accessed in seconds? You won’t be able to think of a lot of people in answer to this.

Sensible style

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro: It’s all about Experience

Aesthetics also involve the color variants, and how well different colors go with the body to give out a buying appeal. Grand Prime Pro comes in three different colors, Gold, Black and Blue. Of course, Gold is for those who are always looking to reflect royalty in their personalities, want an eye-catching gadget, and would love to be noticed and complimented. Black, on the other hand, is likely to be accepted and liked by people who carry a minimalistic approach towards aesthetics, but never compromise on the decency of design. That leaves us with Blue, which is as crazy as your favorite pair of denim in your wardrobe.  Comparing it to denim, doesn’t make sense, right? The only reason denim got mentioned, is because of its fame in the youth. Blue variant is for people who are more towards a trendier showcase of their possessions.

Visit to check out different color variants, and tell us in the comments what color you’d prefer.

The phone looks no less than a luxury, with the aforementioned color variants, supported by outstanding design elements aimed at achieving higher level of functionality. Featuring curved edges at the rear side, comfort has been served. When iPhone 4 was released by Apple, its sharp edges were a new thing, and so it became popular among other models within no time. Surprising fact, it always comes down to the real deal, and we can see now the latest models by Apple, Samsung and even Nokia have all curvy edges for a better usage and handling experience.

Great Quality Pictures!

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro: It’s all about Experience

Good news for those who love taking pictures, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro comes with an 8 MP rear camera to help you capture the actual colors, smiles and laughter, which you can relive long after. Next thing that comes to mind, front camera. Thanks to Samsung, a staggering 5 MP front camera is all you need for a bright, impressive selfie. With Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro, you can expect no while holding your phone for a group selfie. Maintaining the grip of your phone, taking everyone in the frame, and also preventing the phone from falling down, can cause difficulty when trying to do it simultaneously. Grand Prime Pro brings an easier, more convenient way to take photos and selfies. You don’t have to worry about fixing the frame and then reaching the shutter button without dropping your phone, neither do you have to unwillingly buy a phone cover with a ring at the back (I have never done that anyway). Now you can have a floating shutter button, allowing you to tap anywhere on the screen to click a photo. Comfort and convenience for taking selfies the way you want! Zoom-in zoom-out, not a problem! Just drag the shutter button left or right to bring the object closer or further. Brilliant, isn’t it?

About Memory

Grand Prime Pro has 1.5 GB of RAM, which might seem less to many, but as mentioned earlier, it’s great for users shifting from basic phones to smart phones, or the ones who want luxury staying in a budget. The ROM size is 16 GB internal, with an available space of 10 GB, but you can always increase the space by installing an external memory card (up to 256 GB) to save your important data. Let’s not forget to mention 15 GB of cloud space offered by the phone, where you can save and access data you’d want to see later. If you want a tighter security for your data to be stored in, this phone will present another surprise by the name of Secure Folder, an encrypted space (usually understood as cloud, except this contains an additional layer of security, accessible only by the user) where you can put your photos, documents and other data, and not be worried about it going anywhere.

So you’re not left behind in connectivity, the phone supports 4G LTE, since it’s one of those features which have become most asked for. Samsung understands its users, and also delivers better value for money, to cater them best. Opting for Samsung Grand Prime Pro can make your life much easier, and if unfortunately you’re someone who has always been away from technology, this phone can make you tech-friendly for sure!

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