There are countless brands that don’t have official stores in Pakistan. Gone are the days you had to wait for a relative to visit Pakistan and bring your stuff. Likewise paying someone to bring your stuff to Pakistan is probably not the smartest idea unless it is someone you know personally and trust with your goods. Shipping of products is a much more feasible alternative.

People need to be aware of the fact that shipping from the states to Pakistan isn’t the hassle it used to be back in the days. Most of the package forwarding companies charge a lot. the product ends up costing you way much more than it is worth. MyGerrys global has the best shipping rates in the market. No carrier ships a product from the states for only 8 dollars per pound. MyGerrys global provides an easy to use service, in order to ship products from the USA to Pakistan.


The Black Friday trend originated from the States. They have arguably the best Black Friday deals in the world with drop dead prices. You can buy something from eBay, Amazon or Walmart and get it delivered. And especially when Black Friday is around the corner you can get the latest products at extremely reasonable prices.

How to ship products through MyGerrys Global

  • Firstly by going on to MyGerrys Global link user can register with the website and generate an account with MyGerrys.
  • The user will be provided with a unique id and shipping address. For example, if purchases are to be made from Amazon, registration has to be done with MyGerrys first.
  • Which is where the MyGerrys Global shipping address newly generated by MyGerrys will be provided.
  • The user can then decide what to purchase from the website, add to cart and then checkout by entering the Unique ID and shipping address provided by MyGerrys.
  • Then by tracking ID on Amazon website, duration of when they will be received at the shipping address provided can be seen.
  • After receiving the order at the shipping address.
  • The order will then be shown on MyGerry’s Global page and estimated shipping cost to Pakistan will be shown.
  • Make the payments and get your order delivery process started!
  • Just 10 Days and your order will be at your doorstep.

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