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Getting on with latest smart phones and flashy gadgets is always fascinating to the tech freaks. With the pace of innovation getting its roots under everything, it’s also hard to ignore the advancements we get to hear from leading brands. The choices are widespread, but the challenge lies in getting the most out of the least, because yes, we usually go by budget, and who doesn’t? At MyGerrys, there is a solution to everything. According to the trends nowadays, anyone who spends less than twenty thousand rupees on a new phone is considered to have a low budget phone, and thus is judged on that. Keeping that in mind, people tend to want to spend more than that in order to flaunt buying a new phone. What if MyGerrys gives you a solution to stay in your budget, and still be able to flaunt as much as you want? Sounds a bit confusing, right? That’s where MyGerrys comes to rescue, yet again!

Bringing something exciting almost every week, maybe more than that, the consumers at MyGerrys are always kept in focus to get happiness out of online shopping. This time we have brought you a range of best selling phones under a price of Rs 20,000. If you’re guessing these phones to be the same old range that you’ve got proper knowledge of from the market, you’re mistaken. Although there are many brands, with multiple upgraded versions available even under Rs 15,000, the phones mentioned ahead are simply irresistible, as they’ve served and satisfied many users before you. Take out a few minutes, and think about the best selling phones that come to your mind, then read ahead to see if those brands are included in our range of phones under Rs 20,000. You might be surprised to see most of your thought of names appearing in our list of highlights in this blog. Let’s have a look at the products that will definitely make you at least think about shopping from MyGerrys.

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Shop Premium Smart Phones under Rs 20,000!

Good news for all Samsung addicts, the very famous Samsung J7 Core is now in your range even if you’re not up for spending more than 20,000 for your new phone. The Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen gives a staggering view of 5.5 inches, with colors that have a power to turn your mode 180 degrees. Watching a movie won’t cost you carrying a whole laptop when you can actually feel the reality in graphics through a 5.5 inches window placed in the palm your hands. Not just that, a 16 GB internal memory and a compatibility of 256 GB externally are more than enough to play with. Most important feature, an Octa-core 1.6 GHz Cortex -A53 paired with a 2 GB ram will make your experience seamless enough to feel the impact of tech advancements. A great value for your hard earned money.


Shop Premium Smart Phones under Rs 20,000!

Coming next to Nokia, not in the good books of many, we are now seeing it shift towards Android due to its widely accepted interface. All the new range of Nokia is now user-friendlier, experience based and aesthetically better than their previous versions of smart phones. Nokia 3 is one of their phones available at less than Rs 20,000. The price at MyGerrys is lower than you can find at other online platforms. Major highlights of this phone include a 5’ screen, 1.4 GHz Quad-core processor, a ram of 2 GB, an 8 MP back/front camera (so your selfie game always stays on point), and the most in-demand feature, 4G LTE. Even Rs 20,000 isn’t that bad a price for this, not to mention you can pay far less than that.


Shop Premium Smart Phones under Rs 20,000!

Sony fans, here’s what you may find the best news of 2018 so far. Sony Xperia L1 is now available at a much reasonable price, only at MyGerrys. Features worth mentioning include 5.5’ screen, 1.5 GHz Quad core processor, 2 GB ram and a 13 MP camera. All these characteristics may make it difficult to be found in one single version if you can’t spend more than Rs 20,000. This phone will save you more than a thousand if you have decided your budget to be 20, which is quite cool.


Shop Premium Smart Phones under Rs 20,000!

Known for its integration of HTC interface and the Android OS, HTC is able to deliver brilliant performance standards when it comes to smart phones. One of the latest versions of HTC smart phones, HTC One A9 proves itself to be modernly smart in every aspect. Its 5’ AMOLED screen throwing colors that can only be imagined otherwise can make you highly addicted to its graphics. Also giving you liberty to make use of 32 GB internal memory, there is simply no stopping to exploring games and applications online. 1.5 GHz Quad core processor takes care of the speed, and 13 MP Camera is surely for those who are never satisfied with any other camera result. All this and much more in just Rs 19,000 and something, say wow please!


Shop Premium Smart Phones under Rs 20,000!

It won’t be wrong saying that most people nowadays know about XIAOMI as a brand. For those who keep proper knowledge of what’s latest with phones and gadgets, Xiaomi is believed to deliver as much impact in China as “Apple” in other regions. Proving it since inception via its mind blowing battery backup, the promise of delivering value is well maintained by the brand. Not further explaining or defending Xiaomi more, would it be unbelievable if we claim to offer you a 5.5’ screen, latest android, octa-core processor, 3 GB ram, and a 16 megapixel camera, all in Mi Note 5A Prime at a positively ridiculous price of Rs 19,999? Want to read that again, please do. This fact is actually hard to digest, but is one hundred percent true.

MyGerrys makes every impossible deal possible, or at least tries to do so in different ways. So, the count includes Xiaomi as well. Wondering what else we have? A lot. Just visit and shop your choice of smart phone while staying within your budget.


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