Pakistan’s cell phone/smartphone market has a very shady image; they sell fake/replica products as original/genuine products. The truth is, that statement is spot on. People don’t do proper research before buying cellphones. We have this mentality of just looking at the price tag and always opting for a cheaper alternative. The more you research about it the more you understand how it’s all a scam! Most phones sold in the local market have been tampered with, one way or the other. The problem is most of us can’t tell the difference, which is sad.

Today, I will reveal to you how your cell phone merchant is tearing you off and making wealth.

The repack dilemma

Being a smartphone fanatic, I have seen many places where “original” boxes and seals are manufactured. Local mobile scam artists can take out original parts, place first copy versions in a new box and replace the seal. That’s why you never know! All you need to repack and seal a phone is plastic and an air gun. Cellphones being buffed and polished is also a famous malpractice. And if you don’t have a good eye you could end up getting a refurbished phone claimed to be new.

Ensure you check every single detail of the packet: the colors, seals, details, numbers, specifications, logos, brand name, etc.

The Smartphone Prices Tell a Different story

If a genuine Galaxy S8 costs roughly Rs.67,000, they will sell one for Rs.55,000-60,000, using all the tactics mentioned above. If you know an original S8 cost Rs.67,000, how can they sell it for a price that low?


How they make the price cut?

If original Samsung earphones cost Rs.2,000, they will replace it with a “fake” version costing Rs.500, but they don’t stop there. They will replace the battery, charger, and more with “first copy” variants until they achieve the price they want. How could a product worth 30,000, end up being for 25,000? How is that not suspicious?

Tampered Smartphones Dilemma

Why do local markets seem cheaper than virtual stores?

Virtual store cellphones are more expensive than cell phones purchased from local stores cause they sell smartphones that haven’t been tampered with. They are straight up from the companies. Flagship phone accessories cost a lot these days and they make a huge price difference. Even if you get a new resealed phone but the accessories aren’t original, you are at loss, cause original cables and charging docks cost a lot.

Its funny how when you go to retail stores for price quotations and research the prices, they are always low as compared to when you actually go to purchase it. Tech merchants in the market are vicious vultures who will hold you by your last nerve and crush it.

It’s really sad that our local mobile market has come to such a low point. With such practices rampant over the last few decades, most of the market is now full to the brim with fake or fraudulent mobiles. Trust is the key factor when you’re purchasing a cellphone! All things considered above it is sensible to shop from online stores like MyGerrys that promise authentic smartphones from trusted vendors.

In conclusion, I will post a few videos to show you how the magic happens :

Video of a cellphone being buffed:

Resealing video:

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