The thing to look out for when shopping for best dress shoes for men

Know what you buying when you shop for the best dress shoes for men. We have all heard the quote ” if the shoe fits wear it.”  Well, maybe if you are shopping for flip flops or sneakers but not when you are shopping for formal shoes.

The Best Dress Shoes For Men - The Do's and Don'ts

Dress shoes are a whole different level. You have to wear them for at least 14 hours every day, 5 times a week. So design isn’t the only thing you have to look for.

Here is our list of the utmost important do and don’ts to follow when shopping for the best dress shoes for men.

Q. What to wear when you go shoe shopping? 

Ans. Wear the same pair of socks you intend to wear with the dress shoe later, for a better fit.


Q. What size should I get? 

Ans. Don’t tell the salesperson your size. It’s a rookie mistake you will regret later. Ask them to measure your size.  EVERY TIME.


Q. When should  I go shoe shopping? 

Ans. According to research, the best time for shoe shopping is around noon. your feet have naturally expanded to your size hence, helping you achieve the right size.


Q. What fabric should I get?

Ans. Buying pure leather is a wise choice, it is flexible and sturdy. The leather can be from an animal or vegan leather.


Q. How do I know which shoe is made of genuine leather?

Ans. Here is how you will know.

  • Do the water test. spill a few drops of water on the surface if it absorbs the water within a few seconds it is real leather.
  • The natural leather will wrinkle if you push into the shoe.

Q. What kind of shoe should I get? 

Ans. Getting a thin body shoe will be flexible and comfortable but a thicker body will hold its shape longer, which means it will last long.


Q. How do I know the shoe won’t irritate me? 

Ans. Don’t just wear the shoe and buy it. Before you purchase it examine the inside of the shoe with your hands, for stitching, seams or tag that might cause irritation.

Q. What other things should I check for? 

Ans. There are two more things you should keep in mind when shopping for a comfortable dress shoe:

1. The distance and arch between the heel and the platform of the shoe.

  • Higher arch- less comfortable, Shorter arch- more comfortable.
  • Less distance – less comfortable, More distance – more comfortable

2. Test if the sole is cushioning against impact and is it sturdy.


Next time you go shoe shopping keep all of these tips in your mind and we guarantee you will shop like a pro for your next best dress shoe.

Follow these tips and let us know if these helped you out in the comments below.

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