What is Grand Friday all about?


Ever heard about Black Friday? We bet you have! But, why is it so famous and what is Black Friday all about? Why is it such a huge thing, especially in Asian countries? Well, many of us, living in Pakistan, mainly have these questions wandering around us. The biggest concern that we have is, why is it known as Black Friday? Why can’t we just call it White, Bright, Good or even Grand Friday?

A Quick Look into Black Friday’s History

The history of Black Friday is quite interesting. Let’s dig a little into why the black in the name, concerns, also, upsets most of the Muslims when associated with Friday. Well, according to the Islamic beliefs, Fridays hold a special significance in Islam. Muslims, offer a congregational prayer every Friday, also known as the Jumu’ah prayer. Therefore, the main reason for a Friday to be labeled “Black“, should be considered as an insult to the Muslim community’s beliefs.

Also, many historic Islamic events have occurred on Fridays, thus further amplifying it’s heroic significance to the Muslims. Therefore, Fridays should always be associated with something good. Oh! Muslims also believe that the color black is most associated with death. Yikes!

So Why is it Still Next to the Word “Black”?

Back in the 1960’s, when all the Profit and Loss Calculations were Done by Hand in big, thick registers, shopkeepers would have numerous numbers to work with. Calculating expenses, deducting purchases, adding sales. Oh you know, the whole accounting deal! It would often get a little confusing to go back into those registers and dig through whether they were in Profit/Loss.

Thus, to eliminate that specific problem, people came up with a solution to highlight or mark the losses in “RED“, while the profits were, you guessed right, highlighted in BLACK! Since then, the profits and losses have always been marked with their respected colors. Nowadays, it’s somehow like a universal rule, and while some might think that black is the color of death, it is actually good news for most businesses and salesmen.

Still asking what is Black Friday all about? Continue Reading.

As we all know, by now, that Black Friday is the biggest sale event that happens in a whole year. It’s the most anticipated sale because the Discounts Get Bigger Each Year! Businesses and owners manage to bring out their best during this sale – answers your “why is it a big deal?”

Why is Black Friday the Most-Awaited Sale of the Year?

Ever since the early 2000’s, Black Friday has been globally known, which is always celebrated on the last Friday of November. There is no doubt that Black Friday is the biggest shopping festival of the year, and while malls may have been a big hit since the 2000’s, the online shopping arena wasn’t too far behind.

Why should I choose MyGerrys this Black Friday 2018?

Online Black Friday sales and discounts started to hit in the early 2010’s. MyGerrys, being one of the biggest contributors since 2016, went all out with massive success, and hasn’t fallen behind. Since then, just as promised, the Mega-Sale keeps getting Bigger and Better!

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So really, after getting to know about the Biggest Black Friday 2018 Sale a little better, does it make you crave for more and impatient for the upcoming sale? Most importantly, did you get your answer for what is Black Friday all about?

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