Raid Area 51 and let's see them aliens #raidarea51 #stormarea51

Storm Area 51 – What is this madness?!

By now we are sure you have seen all kinds of memes with aliens in them but if you haven’t and you want to get on with the trend. Here is all you need to know about the storm area 51 hashtag!

What is the Storm Area 51 hashtag about? #RaidArea51

How did the storm/raid area 51 hashtag start?

For a while, people have been curious about what goes on inside area 51, located in Nevada. Facebook is a great social media network for keeping up with your friends and creating events and, the storm area 51 is proof enough. When a well known YouTuber created a Facebook event as a joke, to his surprise people jumped at the opportunity to storm into the army base area 51, as many as 1.2 million!

What is it about area 51 that intrigues people?

When the remains of the Roswell UFO were brought to the location in 1951, the location was named after the event.

It was only back in 2013 the US government declassified the information to the masses that area 51 does indeed exist.

It has been since then, that the high-security and the top classified location has aroused suspicion. Hypothesized that the base is home to alien research and testing, People jumped on to the event with such enthusiasm. All the flights flying into Nevada are booked for the 20th September. Will they get to see aliens or not we don’t know but what we do know is, if you want some merch inspired by the event you can get some from here.

What is the Storm Area 51 hashtag about? #RaidArea51

With the event catching media attention the YouTuber backed out reported that he should not be held responsible for anything.

Let’s see the reactions to this hilarious event!

But the people couldn’t let go of the golden opportunity to create all kinds of memes.

Everyone took to Twitter to express how they felt about this.

Where some planned to do things with their aliens.

Others planned ways to storm into the facility.

What is the Storm Area 51 hashtag about? #RaidArea51

There were some who knew, what would happen if they did storm into area 51.

Upon information, the authority made it very clear that whoever even remotely tried to storm area 51 would be responsible for the consequences.

And then there were others who thought it would be fun to embark on other journeys.

So, are you going to find yourself an alien while storming area 51? Get yourself a backpack which might come in handy.

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