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We all know how amazing it feels when we successfully come out of a store with three to four bags (sometimes more than that) of different suit pieces, or makeup stuff bought against huge discounts. But there are people with a little different preference. Let’s put some light over the audience who love shopping discounted items (a lot of them, by the way), but they don’t seem to stand in long queues, or can’t handle the crowded outlets with more than enough people rushing to buy items of their choice, literally fighting over stuff. These people either don’t have time, or they just don’t think it’s worth it! We hope you’re among the latter type of people, because myGerrys has great news for you. Our “Winter Clearance Sale” is here, and there are products you’d love to buy for sure!

Winter Clearance Sale - Pay less, get more with up to 80% off!

Guess the best part…! We’re offering up to 80% off on different items from multiple brands serving Fashion and Cosmetics needs, which is jaw-dropping and exciting at the same point. The happiness will not only come to the ladies eager to take advantage of our discounts, our selection of brands and the product assortment in each will also cater men who are looking to add up to their shopping buckets as winter comes closer to end. One thing to mention, the most sought after category among the youth (women), Beauty & Cosmetics brings most of the products of our Winter Clearance Sale. So all the pretty ladies, who want to turn prettier, you know where to log on and find happiness.

Let’s have a look at all the treats in the name of Beauty & Cosmetics available at myGerrys. One of your favorites, Femina Cosmetic is available with most of its products offered at 50% off. Wait, what? THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE! It’s always a pleasure to please you guys with surprises. You can now become more beautiful, in half the price, which is always a good deal! From foundation to set your tone, and liners to give you killer eyes, to the sophisticated shades of nail polish and some bliss for your lips, we have it all for you! Don’t settle for limited makeup collection, shop Femina at myGerrys and bring your best, most beautiful self out!

We are also offering flat 50% off on products of Sweet Touch. You can find your favorite shades of lipsticks and nail polishes, suiting your needs for parties, wedding functions, special gatherings, beach outings, and wherever you may want to make up for! If you could but five lipsticks this month, you can buy 10 now, thanks to myGerrys’ Winter Clearance Sale. We are also offering up to 50% off on DMGM and Dianna of London so you are not short of choices, and have tons of options while choosing for the best, most suitable items to you. The highest percentage of discount offered in Beauty & Cosmetics segment is 63% on a classy, vivid range of lipsticks from Dazz Matazz. Do you think there’s still something left for us to make you happier? Just a couple more brands including, MUA with up to 10% discount and WB by Hemani at flat 20% off in the Beauty & Cosmetics category! Visit our Beauty & Cosmetics section to explore as you please!

Coming towards fashion, myGerrys wants all of you to make the most of this ending winter season, as we don’t get enough of these chilly winds, and cold mornings for the most part of year. Offering variety of winter clothing, Oxford includes zipper hoodies for men, long coats and cardigans for women at a discount of up to 30%. Now whoever wants quality, at a discounted price, from a brand that’s recognized for its products, is the marketplace you to need shop from!

If you’ve read it this far, you must be wondering there was “up to 80% discount” mentioned somewhere in the beginning of this blog, which there is, but none of the aforementioned brands are offering that much. That’s when you say save best for last. Women’s fashion specifically is where most people forget all the limits of shopping because heavy discounts are announced, and they can’t miss it. We want to give them all a sense of ease and convenience where they can find their favorite styles and cuts in various forms of beautiful stitching and finish. Naureen Shah, presenting its most remarkable pieces of eastern-wear at up to 80% off, is a must buy! The spend-less-get-more strategy, that our market is well aware of, feels like being most applicable in this case. Considering the colors, prints, styles and fits, anyone wanting a rich shopping experience while saving money should definitely check it out! Ranging from decent and smooth colors to loud and outspoken shades and combinations, Naureen Shah has a spectacular collection waiting for you to be picked up from Of similar nature, Tarz is also being offered at flat 25% off rate as a part of Winter Clearance Sale. In case you prefer Tarz more, or don’t seem to find your type of dress at Naureen Shah, don’t forget to check what Tarz have in its collection.

We cannot exclude perfumes from our Winter Clearance Sale, and thus we haven’t missed it even this time! With Klickmart, you can choose from a wide range of branded perfumes (100% original), and may become lucky enough to find them available at a 45% discount, which is a pretty awesome deal!

There’s so much on the table to grab, you can’t afford to wait. Go to and shop your heart out, because it is no more costly on the pocket.

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